Health Sciences in India: a Scientometric Study




University Librarian,

Anna University,

Guindy, Chennai 600025



Professor and Head,

Dep. of Information Science,

University of Madras,

Chennai 600005


This paper attempts to assess the R&D activity and its output in Health Sciences in India for about three decades, 1970 to 2000. Statistical analysis has been carried out using SPSS and other relevant measures. The subjects like General Medicine, Pharmacology, and Biochemistry were identified to be the top ranked 3 sub-disciplines. Objectives have been examined by using the Activity Index (AI). AI for cross comparison has been computed as suggested by Frame, as it characterizes the relative research effort a country devotes to a specific subject field. India’s R&D emphasis is found to be on Biochemistry among the top three sub-disciplines as its AI is found to be 136 compared to General Medicine and Pharmacology with 109 and 87 as AI respectively. However, India’s published literature is quantitatively larger in General Medicine (6016) than in Biochemistry (1091). With the AI found to be more than 100 in General Medicine and Biochemistry, these two subfields seem to reflect higher activities than the world’s average efforts. Pharmacology’s AI is found to be lower than the world’s average efforts to this subfield.