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Connect Journals (CJ) is a conceptual necessity which has been transformed to its online avatar by professionals in web business development to enable seamless integration of the world of Indian Periodicals on the internet.

In this millennium of ‘India Shining’, we feel that like other economic sectors, India Journal Industry has nothing to be apologetic about but in fact belong in the global frontline with its wide range of knowledge based publications, encompassing an extensive spectrum of subjects and categories. CJ provides just the right web platform for such a globalization of Indian Journals in with all the features of a ONE-STOP-SOLUTION presenting unique and exclusive benefits and advantages like FREE Directory listing, Web hosting, data conversion, online linkages, e-journal management and order booking services to list a few. In short, offers an optimized range of facilities to all Indian publishers of Journals, whether they are already online, or intend to go online one day.

CJ synergies the dedication, professionalism and competencies of a core group of committed experts, with extensive experience in Web development, Web hosting and Marketing. We, at Connect Journals firmly believe in the concept behind and promise further enhancements to enable Indian Journals Industry position itself rightfully where it belongs, at the very top-of-the-world. is poised to be an inherent and integral part of the publishing world with its rich feature laden benefits. It promises to be a singularly important comfort and utility zone, the much-needed springboard for the Indian Journal Publishing Industry to interface closely and effectively with the global clientele.

CJ invites you to be a part of this exciting project and experience the efficiencies and advantages first hand. We are confident that you will be convinced that is the future mega-site of Indian Journalism. 

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