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Volume No. : 18 (2018)
Issue No. : Supplement ( July )
Table Of Contents

Page No.
Table of Contents – 16#Supplement
BCA : V.18#Supp
Rhizosphere engineering : Its role in plant disease management
Manasee Hazarika
Preparation of aldamine-heterocyclic ligands with study of spectral investigation, thermoanalysis, microbial effect
Saba Abd Alhussain Aati
Preparation and characterization, chromatography, antimicrobial activities of some metal complexes of 1-(2--hydroxyl-4--nitrophenylazo)-2-naphthol
Nemah Sahib Mohammed Husien
Immunohistochemical localization of human cytomegalovirus proteins in pancreatic carcinomatous tissues from a group of Iraqi patients sustained whipples surgery
Basim M. Khashman, Saad H. Mohammed Ali, Kifah H. Abdul Ghafour and Shakir H.Mohammed Al-Alwany
Improvement of alkaloids yield using phenylalanine as a precursor supplemented to Morina oleifera L. callus cultures
Huda E. Mahood, Bushra M. Alwash and Kadhim M. Ibrahim
The possibility of using Alu sequence polymorphism variations in Iraqi individuals identification
Ali Shakir Obed and Ali Hmood Al-Saadi
A novel taxonomic study of the Helmintho sporium Link ex Fries status and closed related genera
Zaidan Khlaif Imran, Kawther Mohammed Ali Hasan and Zainab Haider Ali
Antibacterial activity of alcohol extract from the leaves of Eucalyptus globules against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus
Hala Jumaah Asree, Dalya Salah Mahdi and Rwaida Adnan Ali
Serum Levels of Human cluster of differentiation 4(CD4) and Human cluster of differentiation 8(CD8) in samples of Iraqi Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
Nada Noori Younis, Khdhr Mawla AL-Abadi, Ali Noori Younis and Ilham A. Khalaf
Studying of different factors affected in production of amylase enzyme from a local isolate of B . subtillis A4 bacteria
Jasim M. Awda and Ali H. Fayyadh
RAPD markers variability among algae species in Iraq
Zainab Abdul Ameer Mohammed, Nidhal Abdul Hussein Al–Bdairi and Ra’ad Khadum Abed
Isolation and identification of pathogenic fungi from diabetic patients in Diyala
Anaam Fuad Hussain Al-Zuhairi
Bioremediation of pesticide Glyphosate (Ground-UP SL) and remove Cd, Cr elements from polluted aquatic medium by using fungi (Aspergillus niger, Trichoderma harzanium)
Bushra K. Shaker, Ibrahim M. A. Al-Salman and Mahdi S. Al-Attabi
Cryptic plasmid gene for molecular diagnosis of Chlamydia trachomatis in women with cervicitis
Ghaidaa J. Mohammed, Bushra J. Al-tamimi and Inas A. Al-Janabi
Molecular Detection of some virulence genes of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from clinical samples by using multiplex PCR
Nebras Awad Kadhim and Lamees A. Abdul-Lateef
Evaluation of mannitol salt agar for susceptibility of Staphylococcus spp. for Ti-6Al-7Nb coated with copper nanoparticles by agar diffusion test
Hanan Ali Hameed, Norhayati Luddin, Adam Husein and Azirrawani Ariffin
Estimation IL-2 gene polymorphisms in Iraqi rheumatoid arthritis patients using PCR-SSCP technique
Israa H. Mohsen, Mona N. Al-Terehi, Methaq J. Al-Jboori, Zahraa H. Al-Qiam and Ali H. Al-Saadi
Antibiotic sensitivity tests of Klebsiella pneumonia isolated from different clinical specimens in Hilla city
Samah Ahmed Kadhum
Impact of dual symbiosis of Piriformospora indica and Azobacter chroccocum on growth and yield of maize cultivated under rain-fed conditions
Hemesh Joshi, Sakshi, P. Hariprasad, Ajit Varma and Amit C. Kharkwal
Estimation of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants in sera of Iraqi patients with diabetic sensory neuropathy
Hind Sadeq Mohammed, Kadhim K. Ghudhib and Firas Younis Mohsen
Genotypic and phenotypic detection of biofilm production by IcaA and IcaD genes in Staphylococcus aureus isolated from tonsillitis
Enas Jalil Baqer Almayali, Israa Abdul Ameer AL-Kraety and Abbas Shakir Al-Muhanna
Study the relationship between vitamin D3 and cancer antigen (CA-15-3) in sera of female with breast cancer in Baghdad city, Iraq
Fatin F. Alkazazz, Hadi H. Jasam and Ahmed R. Mahdi
Determination of cytotoxicity by apoptosis and some liver biochemical indices in type 1 diabetic rats treated with Cuscuta chinesis Lam.
Fadia H. Al-Sultany, Ibtihal M. Al-Husainy and Ali H. Al-Saadi
Estimate GSH-Px and GST in benzene treated mice
Mufeed Jalil Ewadh, Mohammed Abbood Ayyash and Hind Mufeed Ewadh
Irrigation intervals affect dhn1 expression and some physiological parameters in stay green and non-staygreen sorghum
Ziyad E. Abed, Russell W. Jessup and Mohammed H. E. Al-Issawi
Calcium status in severe iron overloaded Iraqi thalassemia major patients
Maha Abdul Saheb Ridha, Zainab Hussein Mohammed and Hussein Kadhem Al-Hakeim
Morphological and histological study of liver in Iraqi black partridge, Francolinus francolinus (Linnaeus, 1766)
Isrra Adnan Auda Khadhim, Intidhar Mohammed Mnati and Baydaa Hussain Mutlak
Prevalence of vancomycin resistant genes among Enterococcus faecium isolated from patients with urinary tract infection
Ali Jaffar Saleem
A novel antidermatophytic activity of Furcraea foetida leaf extract against Microscoporum canis
Zaidan Khlaif Imran*, Kawther Mohammed Ali Hasan, Wurood Alwan Kadhim and Wurood Hamzah Muttaleb
Investigation on the effect of different concentrations of chlorine drinking water on mice livers
Bushra Jasim Mohammed
Antitumor activity of compounded doxorubicin in RD cell line by high content screening technique (HCS)
Dhifaf Zeki Aziz, Merza Hemza Homady and Hussein Abdul Kadim
Evaluation of gamma interferon and interleukin 10 levels at patient with genital wart, Iraq
Nisreen Kaddim Radi, Shaima Ahmed Rahim, Isrra Adnan Auda Khadium, Samerh Shaker Hamood and Nadaabudellahkerbel
Effect of different periods of early fasting on compensatory growth and carcass traits of broiler
Ibrahim F. B. Al-Zamili, Jassim K. M. Al-Gharawi, Ali H. K. Al-Hilali and Fatima A. Merdas
Efficiency of conventional PCR in cytomegalovirus daignosis in abortion cases
Abbas K. Almansoori, Mohammed T. Altimimi and Iman F. Abdul Hussain
Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of Staphylococcus haemolyticus in terms to a, b-haemolysin production from revision patients to x-ray unit
Ahmed Fadhil Mohammed, Qasim Rahim Khalaf and Hassanein Abdul-Hussein Hussein
Micro albuminuria as a predictive marker in primary untreated hypertensive patients
Narjis Hadi Al-Saadi and Aziz H. Jasim
Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of some new heterocyclic compounds derived from 4- aminoacetophenone
Nadia Sadiq Majeed, Hanan Falah Mohsen and Radhiyah Abdul Baqi Aldujaili
Molecular detection of qnr gene in ciprofloxacin resistance Enterobacter cloacae in Baqubah city, Iraq
Hanaa Mohammed Abd Al-Mogadami, Hadi R. Rasheed Al-Taai and Abbas A. Farhan Al-Dolaymi
The association between genetic polymorphism and susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis of Iraqi population
Ibtisam Habeeb Al-Azawi and Sarhan Benyan AL-Saeedi
Infection points in some cosmetics and beauty shops in Al-Diwaniyah city
Syoof Khoman Alwan
Aberrations in qRT- PCR expression of microRNAs-192 and 197 are biomarkers in pre-operative evaluation of follicular neoplasm/suspicious follicular neoplasm of thyroid
Hussain Abady Aljebori, Basim Shehab Ahmed and Israa Mahdi Al-Sudani
Synthesis and characterization of Iron (III) complex containing Schiff bases derived from sulfadiazine
Ahmed Neamah Thamer Al-Yasiry
Study of prevalnce of Pediculus humanus capitis among primary school pupils in AL-Najaf Al-Ashraf province
Sundus Wafi Al-Zayyadi
Reduction of the negative effects of moisture tention by the effect of spraying cucumber with boron and bracinolide
Hussien Aziz Mohammed, Thurya Khalaf Bedwi and Jaafar Abbas Shamsullah
RAPD-PCR is a good DNA fingerprinting technique to detect phylogenetic relationships among Staphylococcus aureus isolated from different sources in Hilla city, Iraq
Amalraqibshamran, Zinahhadi Shaker, Ghaidaa Raheem Lateef Al-Awsi, Ammar S. Khamis, Zainab A. Tolaifeh and Zahraa Isam Jameel
Effect of copper on cytological aspects in Allium cepa L.
Hitendra Kumar Singh
AmL gene is a perfect tool for embryo sexing through maternal blood
Maytham A. Dragh
The role of lipid peroxidation and vitamins (C, E) levels in serum and seminal plasma of unexplained infertile men
Wessam Risan Naif, Raid M. H. Al-Salih and Sajid H. Guzar
Response of seed germination and seedling growth by the deproteinised juice (DJP) from various forages
Rajesh K. Jadhav
Endothelial cell injury in indices in primary polycythemia
Anwar Abdulhameed Kamal
Alcoholic extract of ajwa fruit alleviates the reduction of erythropoietin levels and prevents the hemotoxic effects induced by gentamicin antibiotic in male albino rats
Saher Mahmood Jwad
New anil – azo ligands (preparation, characterization, thermo curves, bio- effect)
Zaid Noor Obaid Al-Husseini
Prevalence and distribution of ABO and Rh rhesus in major ethnic groups in Kirkuk city, Iraq
Ibraheemsalih Aljebory
Evaluation of fertility and role of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) supplementation in male mice with induced hypothyroidism
Wafaa Kadhim Jasim and Ayyed Hameed Hassan
The assessment of oxidative state in Kerbala patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia before and after the surgery
Mohammed Talat Abbas, Riyadh Rashed AL-Tuma and Mohammed Jaffar Mohammed
Study some of genes in Glycine max against soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) infection
Fadhal A. Al-fadhal, Weasam A. R. Aljaafri and Ameera Naji Hussein Al-jouburi
Comparison between the levels of aflatoxins in rice samples collected from Iraqi and turkey markets
Aqeel M. Ali, Amina Namma AL-Thwani and Shatha Ayed Yousif
Evaluation of wet-prep motility test for presumptive identification of Enterobacter cloacae
Sabaa Hilal Hadi
Genetic variation of growth hormone gene in Iraqi sheep breeds
Zaid M. Mahdi, Yasameen A. Hadi, Ahmed A. Mnati and Haider H. Majeed
Protective role of alchoholic extract of fennel seed in nephrotoxicity induced by cisplatin in male rabbits
Heba A. Abd-Alsalam Alsalame, Muna Hussain AL-Aameli, Rajaa Ali Moheiseen Al-Taee and Wefak G. Mohammed Al-Bazii
Comparison of adding locally prepared probiotic and organic acid (acetic acid) to diets and effects on performance of laying hens
B. H. Mousa, H. H. Nafaa and O. K. Attallah
Relationship between cystatin C and hepatitis C viral load
Bushra G. Almaamoury
Variation in shell size indexes of gastropods in different aquatic system, Iraq
Khansaa Salman Farman
Effect of salty stress on germination and Its characteristics for seeds of two cultivars of bread wheat
Rasha Adel Abdul-Nabi Albakri
Alteration of magnesium, white blood cells count and some other biochemical parameters in Iraqi-men patients with diabetes mellitus type 2
Ali Abbas Ali, Khalid Shaalan Sahab and Abdul Razzaq Ali Hussein
The potential of increasing poly phenols in Coleus blumei in vivo and in vitro using NaCl stress
Hala M. Musbah and Kadhim M. Ibrahim
Study on adapting the housekeeping gene for diagnosis Helicobacter pylori bacteria in gastric ulcer patients
Sawsan Sajid Al-Jubori, Munim R. Ali, Ali S. Mohammed Ali and Esraa Al-Kadmy
Prevalence of chest infections in Hilla city, Iraq
Ilham A. Bunya, Sajad A. Mohammed, Mustafa A. Naser, Huda M. Muhsin Ali Y. Naji, Suzan I. Ali, Karar B. Mehdi, Shahad A. Obaid, Yousif H. Ali, Mays T. Abdullah, Ameer H. Alwan, Rafal R. Ibrahim, Ammar A. Hadi, Safa A. Fadhil, Sarah K. Jasim, Noor A. Abass
First record of free living soil nematodes, Mesorhabditis minuta (Bostrom, 1991) in Iraq
Layla A. Hassan and Muhanned R. Nashaat
Nuclear targeting of latent membrane protein 1 of Epstein Barr Virus in tissues from patients with pancreatic carcinoma
Basim M. Khashman, Kifah H. Abdul Ghafour, Saad H. Mohammed Ali and Khalil Ismail A. Mohammed
Comparison of early and rapid diagnosis procedures of Salmonella typhi causing typhoid fever
Adil Ibadi Al-Luhaiby, Mohammed Jasim Al-Shamarti and Ahmed A. Al-Hassani
Biochemical basis of resistance in potato genotypes to shoot borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee
Prashant K. Natikar and R. A. Balikai
Role of indigenous bee attractants on foraging activity of minor pollinators in mango under organic and conventional farming systems
Madhurima Vinod, H. N. Sattagi and Shekharappa
Evaluation of potassium sobilizing bacterial isolates (KSB) on growth and yield of maize (Zea mays L.)
K. N. Basavesha and V. P. Savalgi
Functional characterization of rhizobacteria for plant growth promotional and antiphytopathogenic activities
K. P. Roopa, P. U. Krishnaraj and Surya Prakash
Bacterial profile in patients with diabetic foot infections and its association with TNF-a
Rasha Hadi Saleh and Bara Hamid Hadi
Role of miRNA 155 and miR146a on macrophage (M1, M2) polarization and pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines production in Iraqi patients with Heart diseases
Mahmood M. Mustafa and Ikbal Kh. AL-Joofy
Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of the aquatic extract against bacterial isolates from periodontitis in Babylon province, Iraq
Ashwaq M. S. Al-Jbouri, Fatima Malik Abood, Nada KhazalKadhim Hindi and Ayad F. Alkaim
Antibiotic sensitivity tests of Klebsiella pneumonia isolated from different clinical specimens in Hilla city
Samah Ahmed Kadhum
Preliminary study of emergence MDR of Providencia spp. isolates producing ESBL, AmpC and MBL among patients with RTI and in wastewater in Al-Diwaniya city, Iraq
Firas Srhan Abd Al-Mayahi and Rawia Hussein Ali
Evaluation of anti-bacterial activity : Anti-adherence, anti-Biofilm and anti-swarming of the crowberry aquatic extract (Empetrum nigrum L.) an in vitro study
Hiba Jassim Hamza, Nada Khazal Kadhim Hindi, Hamid Naji, Hider M.H. Al-Shirifi, Ammar Khazaal Kadhim Hindi and Amean A. Yasir
MTHFR C677T genotyping in autistic patients correlated with hyperuricemia
Hanaa N. Abdullah, Najwa Sh Ahmed, Mays Noorifalih and Yasameen Ali Hadi
Association of BCL11 Agenetic variant (rs11886868) with Hemoglobin F level in b-thalassemia major in Babylon Province, Iraq
Noor Ali Hussein and Hussein Jasim Al-Harbi
Optimization of enzymatic conversion of waste office paper using response surface methodology for bioethanol production
Rafid A. Abdulkareem, Shatha K. Muallah, Najafpour D. Ghasem, Rahimnejad Mostafa and Osama F. Saeed
Assessment the immune stimulating effect of Pleurotus ostreatus crude extract of male albino rats
Suhad M. Al. Jubori, Mohammed M. Alrufae and Mayada F. Darwesh
Epidemiological study of cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Al-Muthanna province, Iraq
Ali JawadAlyasiri and Hadi M. Hamza Al-Mayali
Clinical association of thyroid hormones and psoriatic severity in patients with chronic plaque psoriasis
Ahmed M. Al-Mokhtar, Abdulsamie H. Alta’ee, Naseer J. Al-Mokhtar and Mohammed K. Al-Hattab
Study the state of thyroid hormones in patients with schizophrenia in Al-Najaf province, Iraq
Iklass A. Alhillaly, Ezzate H. Ajeena and Ameer A. Imarah
Assessment of knowledge and attitudes among pregnant women’s towards folic acid intake during pregnancy in Al-Diwaniya province
Fadia H. Ali and Radha M. Lefta
Comparative anatomical study of genus Oxalis L. (Oxalidaceae) in Iraq
Aseel F. Al-Hussaini
Synthesis, characterization, structural, thermal, POM studies, antimicrobial and DNA cleavage activity of a new Schiff Base-Azo ligand and its complexation with selected metal ions
L. K. Abdul Karem, F. H. Ganim and R. K. Rahem Al-Shemary
Forensic analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequences in Iraqi population
Ahmed Abbas Alseadi and Ali Hmood Al-Saadi
Association of 25-OH vitamin D deficiency and insulin resistance in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Hana,a Addai Ali, Hamid Jaddoa Abbas and Naser Ali Naser
Association between TNF-a 308 (G/A) gene polymorphism and type 2 diabetes mellitus and biochemical factors in Al- Muthanna province Population, Iraq
Talib AH Mousa

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